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The Novel & EP

Dating is Us is a must-read for anyone who has ever tried or thought about trying online dating. The debut novel from accomplished singer and performer Shelley Twinn, Dating is Us explores the familiar realities of meeting people online, offering a unique insight into this modern and increasingly popular phenomenon. Inspired by the simple idea that love conquers all, no matter the circumstances, this relatable novel explores the experiences faced by many as they try to navigate the new online dating landscape in their search for love.

With the author’s honest tone, dry wit, and knack for storytelling, Dating is Us offers a refreshing and highly entertaining take on the modern dating landscape any reader is sure to enjoy. To accompany her novel, Shelley has also released an EP with a number of original songs that suit the tone and themes of the story perfectly, expanding on these to create a truly unique experience.

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The Novel

“Oi Polloi…A Serious Contender.”

Dating Is Us deals with the pitfalls and challenges many adults face when trying online dating. The novel details the experiences of “Honey”, an anonymous 40-something Londoner as she tries to find love through various online dating websites. A confident, witty woman-of-colour who loves a good drink, she endures several disastrous dates and hilarious encounters before meeting and instantly connecting with a man who she nicknames “Oi Polloi”. Honey and Oi Polloi’s relationship develops quickly after their first meeting, and all the twists and turns of love and lust follow, leaving the narrator wondering if Oi Polloi is truly a serious contender for the heart.

Follow the narrator’s relatable journey as she navigates the awkward, hilarious, and heartfelt moments that come with online dating to ultimately learn more about herself and discover what she wants from her next romantic relationship. Whether you have found the one through online dating or have never tried it, Dating is Us offers a relatable, entertaining reading experience everyone is sure to enjoy. 

The EP

In addition to publishing her debut novel, Shelley has also released an EP sure to be the perfect accompaniment to Dating is Us. The EP features a number of songs written and performed by Shelley, each offering a fresh insight into dating, romance, relationships, and more. As an accomplished singer and performer playing on the London music circuit, Shelley uses her experience to deliver an exceptional listening experience, with every song accompanying her debut novel perfectly.

Whether enjoyed on its own or with Shelley’s debut novel, this EP offers a unique listening experience any romantic is sure to enjoy.